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The first step of the process is to gather the basic information about your current mortgage situation so your attorney can properly assess your options. This information is the vital first step to learning some of your available options.

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Once you’ve provided your information, a representative will review your form with you to ensure your consulting attorney has the necessary information they need to review your case. Upon completion, we will schedule your appointment.

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Learn Some Legal Options from An Attorney

Your mortgage situation is unique. There are no “one-size-fits-all” legal solutions. You have the right to make your lender follow the law. Get the power you need from an attorney.

4 Benefits of Using A Licensed Attorney

BLOCK the Foreclosure Process

Stay In Your Home!

Blocking the foreclosure process by suing your lender can allow you and your family to stay in your home while a settlement is negotiated.

Make Your Home Affordable

Mortgage Payment and Interest Rates

Negotiating reduced mortgage payments and interest rates makes your situation more viable.

Reduce Your Principal Balance

Reduce What You Owe the Bank

Reducing your loan balance means you owe the bank less and you can pay off your loan faster.

Other Benefits of a Settlement

Potential Outcomes

Reinstate your mortgage to current, stop the damage to your credit history, keep you out of bankruptcy, potential damages awarded, and more.

Circumstances that Lead to Mortgage Distress


Households with 1 Missed Mortgage Payment

Source: FDIC


Of Homeowners under water on their mortgage.

Source: CoreLogic


Households that Suffer From Employment Loss

Source: FDIC


Households That Suffer A Medical Crisis

Source: FDIC

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