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"Why Should I Sue?"

Mortgage Defense Challenges Unlawful Practices Made by Lenders

Defend Your Rights With A Mortgage Litigation Attorney

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following? If so, then we may be able to help you!

  • Did your lender mislead you or mistreat you, lie to you, tell you to stop making payments, or break any promise?
  • Did you apply for a loan modification and asked your lender for help and were denied or given the runaround?
  • You were current on your mortgage and yet still denied by HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program).
  • Were you “dual-tracked” during foreclosure by having your lender pursue foreclosure while you requested a loan modification?
  • Has your loan been sold and/or transferred one or more times?
  • Is your loan subject to a balloon payment or upward adjustment?
  • Do you find yourself in a Negative Amortization Loan, an Interest Only Loan or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, Call Now (888) 501-5997

How the Process Works

shutterstock_115157557Over the years, homeowner litigation against lenders has become an effective and affordable option to exercise borrowers’ rights. Since the National Mortgage Settlement in March 2012, homeowner litigation against their lender has become the most effective tool in securing a settlement that benefits the borrower. Homeowners can turn the tables with an aggressive strategy attacking lenders for their errors and intentional wrong doings.

Whether you are facing Imminent Default, are late on your mortgage payment, have received a Notice of Default (NOD), have received a foreclosure notice, been denied HARP or HAMP, have a filed foreclosure, have a trustee notice, have a foreclosure hearing, have a foreclosure judgment, have a scheduled sheriff sale date or trustee sale date or your home has been sold but you still live there…Suing Your Lender maybe the Best Option for You!

Every case is unique and is treated on an individual basis by experienced attorneys.

Common Unlawful Practices by Lenders

Dual Tracking

Negotiating a loan modification with a borrower while pursuing foreclosure.

Wrongful Denial

Denied for HARP refinance or HAMP mortgage assistance?

Borrower Pressure

Forcing borrowers to communicate with multiple lender contacts. Instructed to not pay your mortgage payment. Lenders claiming not to receive documents.

Robo Signing

Using fraudulent signatures on foreclosure documents to facilitate the foreclosure process.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

The following list of qualifications is a general guideline and is by no means all inclusive. The best way to determine the viability of pursuing litigation against your lender is to speak to an experienced mortgage litigation attorney. There is no obligation, so call us at (888) 501-5597 today!

*Click a section to read more about the requirement.

You can be employed, unemployed, or retired. The unemployed or retired should have ample cash reserves and/or other sources of income.

Any of the following statuses are eligible: Current, Delinquent, Mitigation in Process, Mitigation Denied, Mitigation “Pending” more than 120 days, In an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), In a Negative-Amortization Loan, In an Interest Only loan, In a “Balloon” Mortgage.

You can be anywhere from current on your mortgage, to living in your already foreclosed and sold home, but not yet evicted. IN ALL CASES, YOU MUST OCCUPY OR LEGALLY CONTROL THE PROPERTY.

RESPA, TILA, HBOR, “MHA declined”, “MERS”.

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